Welcome back to school! Tips for helping your children adjust to the new year.

We would like to welcome all our children and parents back from the winter holidays. Hopefully this was a chance to be well rested for the start of the year.

We understand that the adjustment period can be challenging, so we have prepared some helpful tips to help your child adjust.


  1. Establish and maintain a  routine schedule

Staying up late for the late night countdown, going out shopping with mummy and daddy at night and watching all their favourite cartoons whenever they please are incredibly fun treats during the holiday. However, your children will benefit greatly when you set a routine schedule for them to follow. Having set times for dinner time and bedtime, limiting nightly outings and turning off all electronics an hour before bed will help children wake up fresh and alert for a full day of fun school activities.


  1. Encourage healthy meals at home

Snacking on sweets and holiday treats are all part of winter break. It’s fun to break all the rules sometimes. What makes it a treat is that it’s short term. When coming back to school, children need proper nutrition to maintain healthy energy levels and feed their brains. Processed and high sugar content foods are not helpful to your children during long school days. A sweet treat might be good during the weekend, but we highly encourage parents follow the same guidelines we have at school at home during the week.

  1. Prioritize play and music at home

Although it’s important to have set meal times and bed times, it’s important for children to feel free to explore and have fun at home. Try limiting electronics and providing them with tools for more physical and imaginative play such as dress up clothes, paint and paper, big cardboard boxes and playdough. Let their imagination run wild and see what they come up with!

  1. Give them something to remember you by

If your child is feeling anxious about leaving your side during school days, let them bring along something to remind them of you. Cut a paper heart and put it in their pocket or let them carry a small picture of you. By offering something physical that they can touch, children will feel less anxious when they have to leave you in the mornings.